Saturday, February 16, 2008

Broken Hearts

Today is the big Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts race put on by the SOPO co-op, a fantastic ATL non-profit organization that promotes bicycle awareness and provides facilities, tools, and know how to help people get riding. I am pretty excited since this is my first race. I am bummed about Lo's arm, though, so it is not going to be as fun since I will be worrying about her being laid up at home. Some people from Florida have come up for the race, too, which is pretty rad. 

I will be contributing to her blog while she is incapacitated. I hope I don't disappoint her adoring fans too much. That is all for now as I need to get the house in order and then get my bike all tuned up for the race.


jRoq said...
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Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

good luck babe! have fun and be safe!!!